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Many people will pass by your place of business but without exterior signage they will never know who you are, what you do and where you are.

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When your customers take their first step through the door, what is their first impression of your business?

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Your vehicle is a blank canvas and can be customized to make a big impact. It's a billboard while in the parking lot and a mobile sign on the road.

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Who are you in a room filled of businesses that are selling similar products and services in your industry? Stand out and drive people to your trade show display.

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Wall murals, windows cling, window perforated graphics can be designed to whatever you can think of. Inspire your customers, inspire yourself and your co-workers.

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We'll take on any custom order no matter how big or small. We have the experience and knowledge to make it happen!

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Marketers, interior designers, and psychologists have a lot in common. They’re all experts at designing a space that evokes a desired response whether that is to get pumped about a product or to feel relaxed. These professionals spend a great deal of time setting the scene. Do you?

Wallpaper2Changing the vibe of your space – office, retail, or home – can be as simple as hanging new wallpaper. We saw you cringe, we know that wallpaper is a dirty word these days.
We’re not talking about sweeping florals or paisley patterns (unless you’re into that, we won’t judge), we’re talking about producing wall-sized photos, inspiring graphics, or your most charismatic advertising as massive wall art.

Using digital prints for wallpaper is an innovative and affordable way to dress up any space. Sure, beige and neutral tones are calm, easy choices to make. They’re also boring and doing zip to amplify your team’s creativity or enchant a customer. You know that meeting room you and your colleagues are trapped in for at least 6 hours every week? Give it a makeover with a stunning lakeside view. Do you sell car parts? Why not paper your walls with images of an auto shop. Do you work with children? Have a digital wallpaper print of a mural made and applied to the walls. Real estate agents hire an interior designer to dress a house because customers have a difficult time picturing their life in that space with someone else’s stuff in the way. Show your customers what life with your company is like. Add character (or characters!) to your space. No need to go overboard, you can choose an accent wall or just wrap a pillar to add some inspiration without being distracting.

Customer Experience: Your showroom could be the stuff legends are made of, the only limit is your imagination, and ours. At Grand River Sign Design we will work with you to get the best use of customized wallpaper. Make your retail space a memorable, enjoyable place to show customers that you have respect for your company, for your products, and for them.

Team Moral: Do you and your staff spend as much time at the office as at home? Use customized wallpaper to make work comfortable, inspiring, to enhance workflow, and productivity. Paper the entry way, the breakroom, meeting room, or your general work area. Research your industry and workflow to discover the impact specific images have on your environment. Set a comfortable tone. Or a fun one. Or a relaxing one. Or a stimulating one.

Bring It Home: Use digital images to cover your walls at home, too! Our head honcho John used it to plaster images of the Montreal Canadiens all over his man cave. Wouldn’t that incredible photo you took of the sunset on your last vacation make your den cozy?

Whether you’re dressing your room for success or giving the heave-ho to stress, call Grand River Sign Design to find out how you can incorporate customizable wallpaper in your space. Call us today at (519) 740-7272 and check out our online portfolio.


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