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Exterior Signs

Many people will pass by your place of business but without exterior signage they will never know who you are, what you do and where you are.

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Interior Signs

When your customers take their first step through the door, what is their first impression of your business?

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Vehicle Wraps

Your vehicle is a blank canvas and can be customized to make a big impact. It's a billboard while in the parking lot and a mobile sign on the road.

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Trade Show Displays

Who are you in a room filled of businesses that are selling similar products and services in your industry? Stand out and drive people to your trade show display.

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Wall/Window & Floor Graphics

Wall murals, windows cling, window perforated graphics can be designed to whatever you can think of. Inspire your customers, inspire yourself and your co-workers.

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Creative Solutions

We'll take on any custom order no matter how big or small. We have the experience and knowledge to make it happen!

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Marketing is cast in many roles, and choosing just the right word or phrase to turn the head of your ideal customer is everything. Should your copy be funny or serious? Cute or teasing or obvious? Here are some strategies to consider before you plot your next signage marketing strategy.

Know the difference between playful and misleading.

If your sign promises a BOGO worth turning around for, the deal had better be worth someone making a U-turn at the next intersection on their way to the coffee shop. If your poutine is the best outside of Montreal, it’s got to have cheese curd from Quebec. The bar beside the arena with the sandwich board advertising “the tears of our enemies” on the menu will get people in the door, but you want them to come back, too. The customers drawn to your signage consistent messageknow quality, and they’re on the lookout for it – that’s why they followed your sign into your store. A free gift is something useful that will instill envy, because you want the customer to say, “Oh this? I got this at…!” which won’t happen if you’re advertised free gift is in a junk drawer. Reward good behaviour, and provide quality to back up your boasting.

Design your signage display to complement your social media campaign.

Help customers make the connection between your general content or sponsored ads. Trying to translate your customized Monday meme to a banner isn’t likely to be as effective, but you can take elements of your social media campaigns and put it on a banner, sidewalk sign, etc. For example, use the image from your meme or the punchline, but the whole thing will be too much to take in as someone drives by. The trick is to make sure the image or punchline are alluring on their own – you’ve only got a few seconds to attract someone to come inside! Be prepared to repeat those images and words online though because if it’s a one-and-done post there’s no connection to make. Sprinkle your logo about liberally!

Be the influencer you want to hire.

Figuring out whether you should be funny or serious with your signage depends on your brand image. If you could hire any celebrity to promote your brand, who would it be and why would you pick them? Your top 10 list probably have a lot in common, and it’s not just the amount of followers they have: you like what they have to say. Focus on what it is that you like and translate that style or vocabulary into your signage. Maybe they’re big on words like classic and elegant, or cool and chill, or they focus on family, mindfulness, or they’re fashion-forward. What is it about their style that attracts and keeps fans clamouring for more? Adopt a similar attitude to your signage!

Grand River Sign Design can help you develop your next sign display. Come into our showroom at 25 Struck Court unit 5 in Cambridge, Ontario, or call 519-740-7272 to book a consultation to find out how the power of signage can boost your marketing campaign.

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