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If you have been looking at your old exterior signage and thinking about giving it a facelift, channel letters could be the perfect replacement for your damaged or dated building signs.

Budget Buster Promotion: 10% Off Your Current Invoice for Fleet Graphics or Repeat Vinyl Prints

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Show us an invoice, and we’ll match or beat the price by 10%!

As you plan your signage budget for the coming year for your business or organization, Grand River Sign Design wants to help you look like a hero by saving you money on your fleet vehicle graphics and any repeat orders for vinyl prints!

The process is easy! Simply send us your current invoice from another sign company, and we’ll reduce your costs by 10%, without sacrificing the quality of your finished product!

We are a reputable sign company in Cambridge, Ontario with an extensive portfolio of successful sign projects in the Kitchener-Waterloo and surrounding areas.

To see our work, check out some of our vehicle wrap projects! We can install full or partial vinyl wraps and decals on cars, vans, trailers, food trucks, and even garbage collection vehicles. The sky is the limit and we’re happy to make any vision come to life. We use high quality vinyl that can last for years with proper care!

If you have a chain of restaurants or retail stores and you are looking to upgrade your interior or window graphics, the Budget Buster promotion is one that you don’t want to miss! It is also a great promotion if you change out your vinyl graphics throughout the year and know already that you will have repeat orders. Why not save 10% and keep more revenue in your pocket?

At Grand River Sign Design, we can turn any artwork into a vinyl print. Whether you are looking to add a wall decal, install frosted glass privacy screens, utilize your window space for advertising, or have floor to ceiling vinyl wallpaper, we’ve got you covered! Check out our past projects for inspiration.

The Budget Buster deal also covers coroplast sign projects that are suitable for real estate signage, construction signage, promotional lawn signs, or A-frame projects.

Let Grand River Sign Design help you achieve your goals and reduce your expenses this year with our Budget Buster! We put your needs at the forefront of every project and ensure that your vinyl graphics are meticulously designed and installed.

If you’re ready to start saving, contact us, give us a call at (519) 740-7272. You can also visit our showroom at 25 Struck Court, Unit #5, Cambridge, Ontario.


Before your customers and clients even walk through your door, they are paying attention to how you present your business. From the design of your logo to the functionality of your website to the reviews on your Google My Business page, consumers are doing their research before they even consider booking an appointment or making the trip to your location.

After a very tough year for businesses, families, and individuals, there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel! Summer is here, COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted, and everyone is eager to get out and shop, have fun, and spend the money they saved from being stuck in the house for far too long.

If we asked you to pick out UPS, Purolator, and FedEx trucks in a crowded parking lot or a long line of cars on the highway, could you do it? We bet you could! That is because these companies have done an exceptional job at unifying the look of their fleets and taking advantage of the fact that they are always on the road. Whether they are parked or travelling, every vehicle in their fleet is a rolling billboard that is working for them 24/7. We bet you would also think of one of these three companies first when you need to send an expedited delivery which is in part to the fact that you see their branding daily.

Before you invest in signage for your business, you may be wondering if your interior and exterior signs will actually bring you a return on investment. The answer is – it depends. Poorly designed signage that does not resonate with your target audience or that is placed in a location where no one will see it, will not be as effective as signage that is thoughtfully designed, eye-catching, informative, well-placed, and kept in good working order.

If the vans or trucks in your fleet have been driving around bare, your business could be missing out on the many benefits of vehicle graphics. Vehicle graphics are a cost-effective way to advertise your business, unite the look of your fleet, and strengthen your credibility. Our easy-to-remove vinyl graphics will also never damage your paint job, and the design can be changed at any time!

Spring will be here before we know it and now is the perfect time to add some new life to your storefront or office building. If your current graphics and signage are looking a bit tired after a long winter, or you want to change things up to reflect a new season, fresh window graphics and outdoor signage can really spruce up your space!

At the beginning of 2020, businesses, schools, and workplaces had to quickly adapt their practices and display signage to help keep everyone safe. Now that we are one year into the COVID-19 pandemic, that same signage is starting to show its age. While it is easy to forget about tattered banners or posters, faded outdoor signage, and dirty floor decals because you walk by them every day, your customers and guests notice. It can also be tempting to remove tired signage without replacing it, but this can be harmful to your business too. With a new year upon us and no sign of the pandemic slowing down anytime soon, now is the perfect time to refresh and replace the signage in your business or office space!

As the days get shorter and it is dark before commuters even hop in their cars to head home, it is important to make sure your business stands out at night (which is apparently at 4:00 p.m. right now). Illuminated channel letters or backlit signage can keep you visible and top of mind all day so you don’t miss out on opportunities to bring customers into your shop or office. 

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