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Exterior Signs

Many people will pass by your place of business but without exterior signage they will never know who you are, what you do and where you are.

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Interior Signs

When your customers take their first step through the door, what is their first impression of your business?

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Vehicle Wraps

Your vehicle is a blank canvas and can be customized to make a big impact. It's a billboard while in the parking lot and a mobile sign on the road.

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Trade Show Displays

Who are you in a room filled of businesses that are selling similar products and services in your industry? Stand out and drive people to your trade show display.

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Wall/Window & Floor Graphics

Wall murals, windows cling, window perforated graphics can be designed to whatever you can think of. Inspire your customers, inspire yourself and your co-workers.

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Creative Solutions

We'll take on any custom order no matter how big or small. We have the experience and knowledge to make it happen!

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It’s easy to get caught up in the hurricane of entrepreneurial tasks, but take a few minutes today and think about your exterior signage. Did you slap up a sign as soon as possible or did you have a professional create a work of art specifically designed to lure customers into your shop and subliminally message passersby to call you when they need your services?

Grand River Sign Design is rather fond of exterior signage (have you seen our portfolio?) so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to make sure we can offer you limitless design possibilities. Channel letters, custom sign boxes, illuminated cabinets? We can do that! We are the one-stop shop for all your signage dreams.

MMT SignagePhotofinishedExterior signage gives you the opportunity to see your name in lights. It’s most effective if your given name is in the company’s name, but “Dream Big!” is the main message here. Your sign doesn’t have to be an enlarged plasticized version of your logo – even if you think that’s all your budget will allow. Book a consultation with us to talk about your possibilities and take advantage of the budget you think is interrupting your groove.

To a certain degree the same rules apply to exterior signage as to all signage: Simple wording, cohesive colours, and placement, placement, placement. Your outdoor signs are beacons to catch the eye of passersby and wave enthusiastically to those purposefully coming to your door which is why where you plan to put your sign is as important as the content. Placement will also dictate graphic and font sizes, physical construction, and permissions from property owners and city by law. After that the rules loosen up.

Bring life to your logo! Illuminated cabinets provide background lighting to show off your company name no matter the hour. Use channel letters – 3D letters and characters that were once lit with neon and are now LED. You can even have graphics made in channel letter-style to enhance your design and stay competitive with the signage nearby. Go big with pylon signage, those giant vertical towers you see on the front lawn of a business. Not all exterior signs have to be permanent. Real estate agents use temporary outdoor signs to advertise sale properties and open houses, construction crews need all kinds of temporary signs, and you might want a sign to advertise your anniversary sale or charity event. After visual design the most important element of your outdoor sign is its ability to withstand the local environment. Your sign has to remain vibrant when pitted against sun exposure, wind, hail, snow, ice, frost, rain, extreme heat, extreme cold, and keep out the dirt and plant debris that flies around particularly during construction season (some people call that summer). When you hire Grand River Sign Design to build your sign we use the highest quality materials and construction to make sure your sign looks new for years to come.

Whatever you do, design a sign to be easy to read and memorable. We want to help you with that! Grand River Sign Design takes the stress of design, construction, and installation off of your To Do list. Call us now for a free quote (519) 740-7272.


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