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We have all seen whiteboards and chalkboards in corporate offices, small businesses, and schools, but most of us have never considered if there is a better way to incorporate these typically unsightly necessities into the rooms where we need them.

Many businesses are starting to ditch their old, dirty whiteboards in favour of a more modern and sustainable option – the glass whiteboard!

Glass whiteboards work the same way as standard whiteboards (write on, wipe off) but they are made of tempered safety glass instead of plastic. They are up to ten times more durable than standard glass, provide more customization options, and are an eco-friendly and hygienic solution. For good reason, schools and businesses are starting to adopt them more widely due to their superiority over standard whiteboard and chalkboard options. Below are some of the benefits of making the switch.

They are virtually indestructible

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Unlike standard whiteboards that scratch, dent and stain over time, glass whiteboards are virtually indestructible. Unless you choose to get rid of them, your glass whiteboards will be part of your office, business, or classroom indefinitely. They can even come with you if you decide to make a move.

Though we often think of glass as fragile, it is very rare that tempered glass will shatter or crack – it’s meant to withstand heavy use and can handle whatever you throw (hopefully not literally) at it.

They are highly customizable

Whether you want smaller glass whiteboards with your company logo for each employee’s office, or you need a room full of floor to ceiling boards for training and collaboration, we at Grand River Sign Design can make your vision come to life!

In addition to customizing size, we can create your glass whiteboards in any colour, or use the image/design of your choice as the backdrop. This solution is perfect for businesses that want a clean and modern look that aligns with their branding, or creative spaces looking to liven up their office with fun designs.

A trend that we also love right now is replacing dusty chalkboard menu walls in restaurants with black glassboards. This achieves a similar look to the classic chalkboard without the mess and (because someone has thought of almost everything these days) you can even get dry erase markers that give you the chalky writing look.

If that’s not enough, glass whiteboards can also be magnetized to serve as versatile information boards in your staff room or lobby.

They are easier to clean

No matter how hard we all try to keep those brand-new whiteboards clean, staining and “ghosting” is inevitable. That is because the surface of standard whiteboards is porous, and ink can get trapped inside quite easily. The solution to this problem is often to just accept that it looks messy or purchase new boards once you have given up on scrubbing. By ditching your old whiteboards and implementing glass ones, you can break the cycle of unnecessary waste and save time and money in the long run.

They are more hygienic

Glass whiteboards are more hygienic because they can be wiped with any household cleaner. Standard whiteboard cleaning solution is meant to protect the plastic on the board, but not you or your employees from any bacteria that could be lingering on this high-touch surface. As we move into a world that is more conscious of keeping shared spaces clean, now is the perfect time to switch to glass.

Are you ready to ditch your old whiteboards?

If you are ready to modernize and customize your space, ditch your dirty old whiteboards, and invest in a more sustainable and hygienic solution that ultimately saves you money, Grand River Sign Design is ready to help make your vision a reality!

Contact us, give us a call at (519) 740-7272, or visit our showroom at 25 Struck Court, Unit #5, Cambridge, Ontario.

We are following all COVID-19 requirements for businesses in Ontario to keep our valued customers, staff, and community safe.

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