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Many people will pass by your place of business but without exterior signage they will never know who you are, what you do and where you are.

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Your vehicle is a blank canvas and can be customized to make a big impact. It's a billboard while in the parking lot and a mobile sign on the road.

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Before you invest in signage for your business, you may be wondering if your interior and exterior signs will actually bring you a return on investment. The answer is – it depends. Poorly designed signage that does not resonate with your target audience or that is placed in a location where no one will see it, will not be as effective as signage that is thoughtfully designed, eye-catching, informative, well-placed, and kept in good working order.

It can sometimes be endearing to be a “best-kept secret”, but in an increasingly competitive market, you need your business to stand out in the crowd, showcase your offers, and make it easy for your customers/clients to buy from you. Strategic signage can help with that!

Below, we share tips on what to think about when considering the type of signage that will work best for you, and more importantly, your customers.

1. Determine the purpose

Do Signs WorkThe first step before investing in indoor or outdoor signage is to determine why you actually need it. Are you starting a new business and you want passers-by to know you’re there? Are you having an event where you want to draw the public in? Is your building hard to navigate? Is there something you want people to buy? These are all great reasons to use signage.
Signage can capture attention, communicate your offer, welcome customers/clients in, keep people safe, add to the aesthetic of your building, and help with wayfinding. Consider where you need signage and what the intention of it is before moving on to the next steps.

2. Consider location

Your location will determine what kind of signage is needed and where it should be strategically placed. A business in a popular plaza with a lot of foot traffic will naturally have different needs than a business tucked away in an industrial area or an office space located in a high-rise.
Luckily, Grand River Sign Design can help you assess your location and make recommendations on what will be most effective in your location.

3. Think about your audience

At the end of the day, signage is really about your customers, clients, employees, and anyone else who is an integral part of making your business run smoothly. Your goal should be to think about what they need, what they want, and how you can make their experience easier. If you consider them first and foremost, your signage has a better chance of being effective.
Consider what level of information people need, where they will naturally be looking for signage, and what kind of messaging and graphics will capture their attention. Signage to meet these needs could include information on promotions at your shop or restaurant, instructions for pickups and deliveries, or even interior touches that contribute to your branding and the vibe you want to create for your visitors.

4. Design your sign

Once you’ve determined the purpose and placement of your signage, the design process can begin! It is important to ensure that your signage is visible, eye-catching, and easy to read. Of course, you must also keep in mind what your visitors want and need when they are interacting with your business.
Part of the design process includes thinking about signage type. There is no shortage of options; choose from channel letters, dimensional letters, illuminated signs, vinyl decals, A-frame signs, and more. Don’t forget about outfitting your personal vehicle or business fleet with vehicle wraps so your advertising is working even when you’re sitting in traffic or running errands.

At Grand River Sign Design, this step is one of our favourite parts of making your vision come to life. The sky really is the limit for what we can create, so never feel like you need to design everything yourself. We offer graphic design services and have a large portfolio of project examples that will spark inspiration.

5. Maintain your signage

Worn or faded signage does not reflect well on your business, so part of an effective signage strategy is factoring in which elements your signage will be exposed to, the lifecycle of different materials, and how often you may need to replace them.

Sometimes, making a larger investment in better quality signage will be more economical in the long run because it can hold up better in sun, wind, rain, ice, and salt exposure. In other cases, such as for short promotions or seasonal specials, budget-friendly options can work just as well for you.

We’ll help you determine what your needs are and will also explain how often different materials will need a refresh. Though most can last for many years with proper care, it’s inevitable that even your most permanent signage will eventually start looking tired, so factor this into your plan every 5-10 years.

6. Mix it up

There are many affordable signage options, so don’t be shy to mix things up from time to time. As consumers, we all tune out things that we see everyday as a way to drown out noise that’s competing for our attention. Switching up your signage regularly helps ensure your business remains visible and top of mind instead of blurring into the background.
Window graphics are a great way to add variety in your advertising without breaking the bank. They are highly customizable, cost-effective, and easy to remove without damaging surfaces.

Let us help!

You do not need to be a sign expert to make your signs work for you – that’s why we’re here! From strategic planning to design and installation, Grand River Sign Design can take care of it all. No storefront too big, no business too small! Book your consultation by calling us at (519) 740-7272 or stop by our showroom at 25 Struck Court Unit 5 in Cambridge, Ontario. We’re still here and have physical distancing measures in place to keep our clients and our team safe.

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